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For those driven to make a difference,


Effective July 3, 2023, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office has a new system for calculating pay - a step plan.  This includes a raise for all current employees as well as higher starting pay for newly hired patrol deputies, correctional officers, and civilian employees. 


The starting pay is now $19.71 per hour for correctional officers and $20.67 per hour for patrol deputies.  The plan also outlines step increases for an employee’s years of service with the agency.


Additionally, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office offers education pay and SWAT pay!  These are additional supplements on top of one's hourly rate.  Education pay is based on the amount of college education a BCSO employee has achieved and SWAT pay is paid to current SWAT Team members for their commitment to the high demands required to be part of this elite team.

We are hiring for the following positions:

Correctional Officer


Corrections Officers are responsible for the safety and welfare of inmates housed in the Bradley County Jail. As we continue to make improvements in our jail, we are looking to fill several open positions and look forward to considering you as a potential candidate!

Corrections - we're hiring (4).png

Patrol Deputy


Patrol Deputies are responsible for the peacekeeping, and the protection of the people and property within Bradley County. They enforce the criminal and traffic laws of the State of Tennessee, and are required to be academy trained and certified by the P.O.S.T. Commission.

Squad Car -1.jpeg

Facilities Maintenance


Maintenance personnel are responsible for the general maintenance, preventative maintenance, upkeep and repair of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office facility and the systems within.

Heater Repair

Prefer to apply on paper? 


Pick up an application in person at the Bradley County Sheriff's Office or follow the steps below.


Download an application for any of the above employment opportunities by clicking here.


Fill out the application in its entirety and provide all necessary documentation listed on the front page.


Fax your completed application to

423-728-7312, scan and email as an attachment by clicking here OR hand deliver to the Sheriff's Office.

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