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Visitation Services

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On-Site Visitation Services​

Inmates being housed at the Bradley County Sheriff's Office and allowed two 30-minute visits each week. All inmate visitation is conducted through electronic means only, allowing for family and friends to visit with their incarcerated loved ones on-site through video visitation. Our on-site visitation area is located on the backside of the Bradley County Judicial Complex.

Family and friends of the may schedule visits with their incarcerated loved ones on-site by using the kiosk located in the Jail Visitation Lobby, by visiting or by using the SecurusTech app.

Our on-site visitation currently operates during the following hours Monday through Friday: 9:00 - 12:00 p.m.

Internet Visitation Services​

For family and friends of the incarcerated housed at the Bradley County Jail who are unable to utilize the on-site visitation facilities, internet visitation is available and allows for extended visitation hours.

Internet video visits may be scheduled by visiting or by using the SecurusTech app.

Please note, before scheduling your first internet video visit, you must first make an account on the Securus Technologies website. In order to make an account, you must provide a photo of a form of government issued identification and a clear, visible, filter free selfie. This will be used to confirm your identity.

Our internet visitation services are available during the following hours seven days a week: 9:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

*Fees apply for internet visitation

For information regarding how to register as a Private Attorney for free internet visitation with clients at the Bradley County Jail, please see the instruction sheet listed below:


Inappropriate or prohibited behavior during an inmate visit will result in the termination of your visit; including, but not limited to, presence of prohibited items, inappropriate clothing, behavior, language or disruptive actions.

Personal property such as cell phones and electronic are prohibited within the visitation area. All personal items should remain in the vehicle.

Failure to follow the visitation guidelines will result in disciplinary actions and may result in suspension of future visitation privileges with inmates housed at the Bradley County Jail.

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