Sheriff Steve Lawson

Hi, I'm Sheriff Steve Lawson. Thank you for visiting the Bradley County Sheriff's Office website. I hope you will find the information and resources here helpful and informative.

As Sheriff, I am committed to working hard every day to make sure our schools, our churches and our community are the safest place to live in Tennessee. Through the hard work of the men and women of the Bradley County Sheriff's Office and in partnership with members of the community, we are doing just that. We are working each day to get better. To provide an even greater quality of service and protection to the people of Bradley County.

I am very grateful for the support of our partnering law enforcement agencies. The cooperation we enjoy with these departments helps to achieve the goals that we have set out to meet.

If we can ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. My people and I

are here not only to protect the community but to serve it as well.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff.
The belief and trust that you have placed in me will stand
as the cornerstones of my administration.


Sheriff Steve Lawson

(423) 728-7300 | email Sheriff Lawson


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Sheriff’s Column

Keep Our Community Clean!



It’s that time of year again — Household Hazardous Waste Day at the Bradley County Justice Center is less than a month away!


Trash and litter prevention has been a focal point in our community for a long time. Unfortunately, not all waste disposal is as easy as rolling your trashcan out to the street; some waste disposal takes a little more effort, which is why our Litter Program at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office invites everyone in Bradley County to participate in our annual Household Hazardous Waste Day.


We all produce a large amount of day-to-day trash, but many do not know how long it takes for that trash to decompose back into dirt. Due to complex, man-made materials, a great majority of our trash takes months and sometimes years to break down entirely. For example, it takes two months for a fast-food meal to decompose, 10 to 12 years for a cigarette, almost one thousand years for plastic grocery bag and one million years for a glass bottle. Disposing of these improperly is not only detrimental to our environment, but poses hazards to your own personal health.


Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day is a great opportunity for Bradley County residents to dispose of trash, while learning responsible disposal methods for the future.


There will be a disposal station for electronics, paint, oil and liquid chemicals, as well as a paper shredding station (limited to two bags per person). Bring your disposables to the 2021 Household Hazardous Waste Day at the Bradley County Justice Center (2230 Blythe Avenue SE, Cleveland, TN 37311) on Saturday, October 16 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day is hosted by the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Litter Program and is sponsored by the Bradley County Government, Cleveland/Bradley Keep America Beautiful, Cleveland Utilities, Cleveland Stormwater Division, and Better Business Bureau.