Sheriff Steve Lawson

Hi, I'm Sheriff Steve Lawson. Thank you for visiting the Bradley County Sheriff's Office website. I hope you will find the information and resources here helpful and informative.

As Sheriff, I am committed to working hard every day to make our schools, our churches and our community are the safest place to live in Tennessee. Through the hard work of the men and women of the Bradley County Sheriff's Office and in partnership with members of the community, we are doing just that. We are working each day to get better. To provide an even greater quality of service and protection to the people of Bradley County.

I am very grateful for the support of our partnering law enforcement agencies. The cooperation we enjoy with these departments helps to achieve the goals that we have set out to meet.

If we can ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. My people and I

are here not only to protect the community but to serve it as well.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff.
The belief and trust that you have placed in me will stand
as the cornerstones of my administration.


Sheriff Steve Lawson

(423) 728-7300 | email Sheriff Lawson

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Tips on Church Safety — February 21, 2021


As the world around us continues to change everyday, so does our approach on safety procedures. Whether its safety at home, at the office, on the road or at church — the safety of our community is extremely important and is taken very seriously at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.


When it comes to developing a successful security team at a church, it is crucial to utilize good-hearted people, who have received the proper training and who have the proper technology at their disposal. An important thing to keep in mind when delegating these teams to serve at your church is that ministry security does not need to be big, but it does need to be effective.


It is important to note that ministry security should NOT be confused with law enforcement. Law enforcement is reactive in nature, trained to respond to safety threats; while ministry security is proactive in nature, focused on preventing safety threats.


In order to ensure the safety of the churches and congregations in our county, the BCSO is happy to conduct a safety assessment of your place of worship upon request of the church’s leadership. We are also eager to assist your church’s security team develop a safety plans against potential threats. To deter any threats to our county’s churches and congregations, I also encourage all of our off-duty officers to drive their patrol cars to their respective places of worship.


I believe that keeping the churches in our area as safe as possible is an important part of bettering our county as a whole. Everyday, for better or worse, the world around us continues to change; that is why we maintain our focus to only get better everyday, and that includes the safety of those around us.

Bradley County Sheriff's Office

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Cleveland, TN 37311

Tel: (423) 728 -7300

Fax: (423) 473-1505

For an emergency call, dial 911 immediately.

For all non-emergency calls, dial (423) 728-7311.

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