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Commissary Services

Please note: All inmates will be issued a PIN # at the time of processing to be used throughout their incarceration.  This number will allow them access to their account, which includes commissary, telephone and kiosk. This number should not be shared with others. By providing others with this information, inmates will be authorizing access their account, including available funds. Please encourage your loved one to maintain confidentiality with this information to ensure the security of their personal information and funds.

Jail Inmates

Funds can be added to the account of inmates housed at the jail in the following ways.


1) Using

2) Calling (866) 394 0490

3) Using the on-site kiosk located in the Jail Visitation Lobby

Workhouse Inmates

Funds can be added to the account of inmates housed in the workhouse in the following ways:

1) Using

2) Calling (866) 394 0490 Logo.png

Inmate Care Packages


Family and friends may purchase care packages to be delivered to their incarcerated loved ones at the Bradley County Jail.


Care packages may be ordered at the following website:

For questions or further assistance regarding inmate funds and accounts, please call (423) 728-7309

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