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Bradley County Sheriff's Office 
- Sale & Auction Notice -

All Bradley County seized and retired vehicles are auctioned through  

Use the button below to visit their website.  

Upon orders from the Court, the Sheriff's Office sells seized property to satisfy civil judgements against defendants.

When such sales are scheduled, the Sheriff's Office posts notices in public places, announcing the dates, times, and locations of the sales, and include brief descriptions of the items involved.  


There are no upcoming sales at this time.
"T.C.A. 39-16-405 (a) A judge, court clerk, court officer or employee of any court commits an offense (Class C Misdemeanor) who bids or purchases, directly or indirectly, for personal reasons or for any other person, on any kind of property sold through the court for which the judge, sheriff, court clerk, court officer, or employee discharges official duties."



  • Interested parties are responsible for attending the sale if they wish to learn more

  • Registration may only be made immediately prior to the sale, and only at its published location(s).

  • Payment must be made in full at the time of purchase

  • Winning bidder for personal property will be required to satisfy payment in full at conclusion of bidding

  • Winning bidder for real property will be required to execute a written sale agreement at conclusion of bidding, with customary terms, (including a deposit of ten percent (10%) of bid price to be held in trust by the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office). After entry of the order of confirmation of the sale by the court, the winning bidder will pay the remainder of the purchase price; and counsel for Plaintiff shall act as closing agent for the sale

  • Only cash, cashier's checks, and money orders are accepted for payment

  • Items purchased must be removed from the site at the time of sale and removal is the purchaser's responsibility

  • The Bradley County Sheriff's Office makes no guarantee or warranty regarding the condition, value, or functionality of any item sold

  • Every item is sold AS-IS

  • Sales may be cancelled without notice

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