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Self Defence Training

Women's Self Defense

Interested in a FREE 3-hour basic self defense course?

I mean, what else are we doing this winter?  Keep reading.

Women's Self Defense Course Overview

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is pleased to offer a winter-season, women's self defense course.  This course is 3 hours long with a focus on safety, improving awareness, and escape techniques.  


  • Must be a Bradley County citizen or college student at CSCC or Lee University

  • Must be at least 14 years of age or older

  • Ages 14 - 17 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian

  • Comfortable clothing is recommended

Tim Myers has served the Bradley County Sheriff's Office for 21 years and is currently the school resource officer at Black Fox Elementary School.  

Tim has been practicing martial arts for over 35 years.   

He holds: 

  • 5th degree black belt in Okinawan Shorin-ryu Kenpo karate

  • 2nd degree black belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu 

  • brown belt in Gracie / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In sum, he knows his stuff.  

About the instructor

Questions and Answers

Q:  Do I have to be in shape to do this?

A:  No.  This is not a fitness-style class.  Fact is, most people are not in top physical condition but all can benefit from the increased knowledge and confidence this training will provide.   

Q:  Is the instructor cocky, arrogant, or mean?

A:  No.  Tim Myers is one of the most humble humans on planet earth.

Q:  Yeah, but will he yell at me?

A:  NO!... just kidding.  No.  

Q:  I have a teenage daughter (14 - 17), can they attend?

A:  Yes.  

Q:  I'm nervous about partnering with someone I don't know.  Can I sign up with a friend or family member, and they be my partner during this training?

A:  Yes!  We encourage people to sign up along with a friend or family member.  If you don't, that's okay too.  

Q:  How many people will be in the class?

A:  We are conducting two class sessions that will be limited to 20 people per class.

Q:  Can I attend both sessions being offered?

A:  Participants may only sign up for one session.  

Q:  What should I wear?

A:  We recommend participants wear comfortable clothing, preferably non-revealing top and bottoms.  


Q:  Will I have to demonstrate techniques in front of everyone?

A:  No.  This is a group setting where all participants will be working together at the same time.   

Q:  What should I bring?

A:  Water bottle and maybe a towel.  If you're a note taker, bring a pencil and notepad.

Choose your session and sign up today!




Training Location

Ocoee Middle School,
Wrestling Practice Room
2250 N. Ocoee Street
Cleveland, TN 37311

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