Volunteers are utilized to supplement and expand upon the work of sworn deputies and civilian personnel. The BCSO Volunteer Programs are an opportunity for community members to offer their time, expertise and talent for the betterment of their community, quality of life, public safety and the general welfare.

The BCSO has several programs which utilize volunteer services. These programs are ideal for anyone who may be considering a career in law enforcement or just wanting to better our community.

Reserve Deputy Program

The Reserve Deputy Program is an ongoing and highly successful aspect of the Sheriff's Office. Many current full-time employees started their law enforcement careers as a volunteer before accepting full-time employment.

The requirements for becoming a member of this program vary litte from requirements for full-time employment. Training sessions are held at the Judicial Center to ensure they receive the required hours of training each year.

Persons interested in becoming a part of the reserve program must complete and submit the same paperwork as applicants for full-time positions.

Applications are available in the lobby of the sheriff's office.

Sheriff’s Public Service Unit

The first Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Public Service Unit was formed during the summer of 2008 consisting of nine volunteers.

Members of the P-S-U are used to assist motorists when they are locked out of their vehicle with the keys inside. They use several tools that enable access to the locking mechanism inside the interior of a door.

The P-S-U is used to escort funeral processions between the funeral home and the cemetery to free patrol deputies for regular patrols of the zones where they are assigned.

P-S-U deputies use a vehicle that can easily be distinguished from those used in the patrol division. An amber-colored light-bar across the top is similar to other service vehicles and both sides are clearly marked "Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Public Service Unit"

If you need the P-S-U’s assistance, contact the Communications Center at 728-7311.

Senior Visitation Program

Capt. W. G. Campbell oversees this unique program that helps ensure the safety of our senior population.

Volunteers conduct in-home visits or make phone calls to the elderly who live alone or with another senior. It is beneficial for seniors who have no local relatives who can benefit by periodic contact with a representative of the sheriff's office. Since the program was conceived ten years ago, senior visitation has been one of the department's most accepted programs.

Anyone wishing to sign up for monthly contacts or who would like to become a volunteer can contact either Capt. Campbell or Public Information Officer Bob Gault at the BCSO Justice Center - 423-728-7300.

Reserve Criminal Investigation Division Program

Persons chosen for this program can be called on to assist with the investigation of crimes and at crime scenes where their assistance is needed. Many times those in this program are professionals in their career field and are used in that capacity.