Captain John Stone

History:          Reserve deputy with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office (June 1997 – August 1997) Hired full-time as a patrol deputy with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in August 1997    Patrol Deputy (August 1997 – August 1999)           School Resource Officer (August 1999 – May 2003) 
Assigned to Black Fox Elementary School DARE Instructor at Black Fox Elementary and Blue Springs Elementary Boating officer with marine unit during summer months          Patrol Deputy (May 2003 – September 2003)          Detective assigned to drug unit (September 2003 – September 2006)         Detective lieutenant over drug unit (September 2006 – September 2010)           Detective assigned to forensics and person crimes (September 2010 – July 2011)           Detective sergeant in CID and working person crimes (July 2011 – May 2012)           Detective lieutenant over Special Investigations Unit (May 2012 – September 2013)           Captain of patrol (September 2013 – present)           SWAT Team member since September 1999, team commander since June 2008   Education and Training           Graduated from Bradley Central High School in 1994 with TN Honors Diploma           Approximately 90 hours of college towards a Bachelor’s Degree       Graduate of the Basic Police Academy, Class 14, at Cleveland State Community College in April 1997           More than 1,400 hours of specialized training outside of regular department in-service, with emphasis in investigations, tactical operations, supervision, and command decision making
          Department instructor with certifications in a variety of topics, including:  firearms, chemical munitions, distraction devices, less lethal munitions, and other topics pertaining to terrorism and tactical operations   Awards and accomplishments           Lead investigator on a variety of cases which include rapes, robberies, large drug conspiracies, and homicides.           Testified numerous times in both state and federal court trials           Qualified as drug expert in state court           Voted employee of the year at Black Fox Elementary School by faculty and staff while serving as the school resource officer           Recognized as “Outstanding Team Member” at the 23rd DARE instructor training in Nashville, TN, in January 2000           Finished 1st place for three years in a row at the department firearms competition known as the “Sheriff’s Shootout”  (2008, 2009, and 2010)            “Top Gun” recognition at FBI Basic Sniper School      


captain stone supervises patrol, reserves,

star team, and the swat team



 The Bradley County Sheriff's Office has a tactical unit known as the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.  The team was formed in the early 1980’s and currently consists of twelve certified officers from the law enforcement services division. The team meets the criteria of a Type III SWAT team under FEMA classifications and maintains compliance with the national SWAT standards set by the National Tactical Officers Association. 

The team is trained and equipped to respond at any time to preserve life and protect the community from potentially dangerous situations.  Some events SWAT would respond to include barricaded subjects, hostage situations, manhunts, high risk warrants, or any other incident requiring their specialized training or equipment.  SWAT frequently trains with tactical teams from other agencies and is available for mutual aid assistance, when requested.
Selection to be on SWAT is difficult, as candidates with more than two years of experience can only apply when a position becomes available and they must undergo a rigorous tryout process.  All new members must attend a 40 hour basic SWAT school. 

The team trains 16 hours per month on various topics and are on call 24 hours a day.  Some of the training topics include building clearing, hostage rescue, active shooter, vehicle assaults, woodland operations, visual tracking, mechanical breaching, explosive breaching, less ethal munitions, chemical agent deployment, and use of ballistic shields.  Every SWAT member must maintain excellent firearms proficiency, as well as, pass a physical fitness test twice a year.   All SWAT team members stay current with the latest techniques and tactics proven effective by law enforcement agencies from around the nation.

​ In 2007, the Bradley County Sheriff's Office obtained a surplus V-150 Commando armored personnel carrier (A.P.C.) from the U.S. government free of charge.  "The Tank," as some have called it, is not a true tank since it does not have tracks or weapons mounted.  It is technically an armored car which has the ballistic armor capable of withstanding rifle fire and run-flat tires which allow it to be driven on public roads.  The vehicle can provide mobile cover for the team members whenever there is a higher potential of encountering gunfire.  The vehicle was refurbished with free inmate labor and any needed materials were bought with money seized from drug dealers, so no tax dollars were spent on the vehicle.  It is also available to assist nearby law enforcement agencies upon request.