The Bradley County jail is housed in the Judicial Complex that is at 2290 Blythe Avenue just off the APD bypass. Occupied in May 2004, the 408-bed facility is staffed 24/7 by well-trained and experienced correction deputies.Inmates were transferred in May 2004 from the former jail on Johnson Boulevard that was built in 1982 with a capacity of 180 inmates. 

That facility later underwent extensive renovations and today is the county's juvenile detention unit and offices for the Bradley County Juvenile Court.The new facility brought a change in the way inmate behavior was monitored and managed by the corrections staff.

​The old jail used the familiar indirect supervision, but after months of extensive research and several on-site visits to facilities using direct supervision, design of the jail began using the direct supervision philosophy of inmate behavior management. The concept was introduced into training for correction officers and was part of the first Corrections Academy, developed by Training Sgt. Gwen Beavers. The comprehensive four-week program consists of 160 hours of classroom instruction. The first academy class graduated in January 2004. Jail booking area 

​Of nine inmate pods, seven are direct supervision. The remaining two are the Segregation and Disciplinary pods using indirect supervision.In a direct supervision pod, the correction officer has direct contact with the inmates they are supervising. They are allowed to converse with the pod officer, however, they will face disciplinary action for crossing the yellow line on the floor.

Visitations will be open between 9:00AM and 4:00PM Monday through Friday.

From 20 min 3 times a week

To 30 min 2 to times a week

NEW: Scheduling Visitation 
The process for scheduling visits with inmates in the Bradley County jail has changed. You may schedule a, 30 min visit 2 times a week with your family or friend that is incarcerated. The change is due to an updating of visitation software to make it easier for family members and friends to set aside time to visit. This can be done in two ways.1.) Go to the Website. (See website icon at top of this Click on the " Schedule Onsite Visit" icon. Then simply follow the instructions to set your next visitation.2.) Use the Kiosk in the Visitation Lobby if you do not have a home computer to schedule your next visitation


Anyone brought to the Bradley County jail can expect the booking process to take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, based on the work load of the booking office staff and the availability of documents that are needed to complete the booking process.Once this step is completed, if a bond is set you will be allowed to make a bond to affect release. 

​Those who cannot make bond or who are to remain in custody by an order of the court are required to shower to begin a period of incarceration. They will receive an initial supply of clothing, socks, shoes, and underwear. Clothing worn into the jail and any property in their possession when they were accepted by the corrections staff is kept in a secure area until their release.  A booking officer checks an inmate's records 


Each inmate will be assigned to a cell pod and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Bradley County jail.


The Bradley County Sheriff's Office maintains a list of bail bond companies who have been approved to make bonds in the county. The person being released from jail or a member of his / her family will determine the company to secure the bond.

Medical Unit

In 2009 inmate medical services were contracted to Quality Correctional Health Care (QCHC), a Birmingham- based company that has demonstrated an ability to provide a high level of care at a reasonable cost. Medical needs are addressed around-the-clock by a staff of dedicated medical professionals.The medical unit has facilities for medical examinations and dental procedures. Most medical conditions and illnesses can be treated in the facility without taking an inmate to an offsite medical facility.Inmates are charged for medical care they receive during their incarceration. Current charges are: Sick call $10.00; Doctor visit $15.00; Dental service $15.00; Emergency room visit by police vehicle $25.00; Emergency room visit by ambulance $50.00. Lab services are $25.00 a nd X-rays are $15.00.Self-inflicted injuries and those that are received through circumstances contrary to the rules of inmate conduct, requiring treatment at the emergency room or a physician's office, will be the inmate's responsibity for payment of all incurred charges.No inmate will be denied medical care due to a lack of funds in their account. Unpaid charges will be debited when funds are added to the account.

Telephone Calls

The Bradley County Jail does not accept incoming telephone calls for inmates. Each cell block has a telephone inmates can use to make collect calls. Persons receiving a call will hear a recorded message informing you the incoming call is from an inmate at the Bradley County Jail. You will then be asked to choose from options that let you accept or refuse the call, or request additional information. You will not be charged for the call unless you touch the appropriate entry on your telephone keypad. ALL calls are subject to monitoring and recording.


Inmates are encouraged to send and receive mail during the period of their incarceration. All incoming mail is searched for contraband. ANY MAIL CONTAINING ILLEGAL MATERIAL WILL NOT BE DELIVERED TO THE INMATE. The jail does not accept mail with postage due.The policy for incoming mail addressed to inmates changed this year and is limited to postcards only with one exception. Effective March 1, 2013 inmate mail will only be accepted in the form of postcards, with maximum dimensions of 5-1/2 tall x 8-1/2 inches wide. All postcards must include the inmate name, sender name, and return address. Postcards that have items pasted or attached, or have been altered in any form will be rejected and returned to sender. The only exception to the postcard procedure for personal inmate mail, will be standard size envelopes containing, appropriate personal photographs, with maximum dimensions of 4-1/8 tall x 9-1/2 wide postmarked the 1st – the 7th of each month. Envelopes that have items pasted or attached, or containing additional items of ANY KIND, will be rejected, and returned to sender. INMATE LEGAL MAIL WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY THIS CHANGE. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

The address for sending mail to an inmate is:

(Inmates full name)
Bradley County Jail
2290 Blythe Ave SE
Cleveland, TN 37311

The Bradley County jail will not accept property or food items for an inmate from outside the facility. No televisions are allowed in the jail. All property must be purchased through the jail commissary.

Food Service

Inmate meals are prepared by Aramark Food Services, a service that is contracted to a private vendor. Three meals are served each day, 365 days a year.

Inmate Commissary

Money in the possession of a person at the time of arrest will be credited to that individuals' account. These funds may then be used to purchase various items from the menu of the Inmate Commissary.Accounts are initially debited for an inmate admittance pack, costing $5.00. The packet consists of detergent, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste and soap.Inmates may order hygiene items, over the counter medications, clothing items, candy, soft drinks, snacks, and miscellaneous items through the commissary.

The cost of each item is listed on the menu. Indigent inmates may also order from the commissary.Each inmate receives an initial medical screening at no cost.Additional sums can be deposited to an inmate account by following the process outlined in Commissary below. 

​The booking office staff will return any balance in the inmate account at the time of release from the Bradley County jail.Effective March 1, 2013 money orders will no longer be accepted for inmate commissary funds.

​Funds for inmate commissary may be added in any of the following ways:· On-site through Kiosk located in the visitation lobby.

Funds may be added with cash, credit, or debit card.- Through Government Payment EXP, which is accessible by telephone or internet.o Telephone Number – 1-888-277-2535o Internet – www.GovPayNOW.comWhen adding funds by telephone or internet, you will need the following information:1. Your Credit or Debit Card2. Inmate’s name, number and location3. Pay Location Code - 5500 

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Director Gwen Beavers supervises the Corrections Bureau, where she is responsible for the operational functions of the corrections division which includes the staff and inmate population of the Bradley County jail.  

Director Beavers joined the corrections division in 1993 after working in the broadcasting industry for five years.  She has attended a number of specialized schools offering extensive training in various aspects of corrections and jail operations.  During her 21 years with the agency she has held a number of supervisory and administrative positions.

She began her career as a corrections officer, but was soon promoted to shift sergeant and lieutenant before being appointed Training Coordinator in 2006, Assistant Jail Administrator in 2010, and Director of Corrections in 2011.   Director Beavers played a key role developing and implementing many of the policies that are still being used today pertaining to jail operations the supervision of inmates and jail operations.