Security Policies for  Bradley County Courts

All persons entering the Judicial Complex,the Bradley County Courthouse, and Juvenile Center to transact business with the courts are required to comply with all applicable state laws and the rules, regulations and policies of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office that apply to the conduct of visitors at these facilities.

The following rules will be enforced for persons entering court facilities:

ALL visitors will be required to pass through the Magnotometer in order to access the two courtrooms.

  • Handbags, purses, and brief cases must pass through the X-Ray machine.
  • No children under age 12 are allowed to attend court unless instructed by the judge.
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications cannot be taken into the courtroom. The only exceptions are inhalers and nitro pills.
  • No weapons are allowed, including guns, knives, fingernail clippers, scissors, files and other sharp objects.
  • No food, drinks, or candy etc. are permitted.
  • Tobacco products are prohibited including cigarettes, lighters, matches, chewing tobacco, snuff, rolling papers, etc.
  • Cellphones, pagers, cameras, and electronic devices capable of recording audio or video are not allowed.

The following rules apply in the courtroom:

  • Do not approach the judge’s bench unless you are instructed by the judge, a court officer, court personnel, or a representative of the District Attorney's office.
  • Do not attempt to communicate with inmates, including hand signals.
  • Do not use the two (2) short benches in the front of the courtroom, unless authorized to do so by a court officer.
  • Remain in the courtroom until one of the following occurs:

    1. Your case is completed.
    2. You have to go to the restroom prior to a recess.
    3. The judge takes a recess or adjourns court for lunch.

  • Do not exit the building through any side doors, except in case of an emergency. Use only the front entrance doors to enter and exit the building.
  • Seating in the courtroom is designed to accommodate persons who require use of a wheelchair.
  • Anyone observed littering the grounds or building in any way is subject to being charged with Criminal Littering. This offense, if convicted, is punishable by a fine of up to $500 and up to 40 hours of community service picking up litter.
  • All courts are no smoking, no eating, and no drinking facilities.

judicial services division

Captain Bill Dyer has 28 years of service with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office. He began his career as a volunteer reserve patrol deputy before accepting a full time position as a correctional deputy. He later transferred to the patrol division where, in addition to his regular duties, he served as a member of the SWAT team. Captain Dyer has 20 years of supervisory experience throughout the sheriff's office, with 16 of those years in a command and leadership position. Captain Dyer has received numerous awards and commendations during his public service career, including the Medal of Valor, Meritorious service, and the Medal of Heroism. 

Captain Dyer holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice Administration, graduating with high honors, and is currently completing a MBA degree with a concentration in public administration. 

Captain Dyer supervises the Judicial Services Division, which includes courts and court security, transportation, and fugitive services.